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Licence No: ABOARD/21/00471

The terms and conditions set out an agreement between ‘you’ the owner and the handy pet services. 

We home board up to two dog's at one time depending on size. Unfortunately we cant take dog's bigger than a Labrador due to having children. Large dogs must not jump up and be of a calm nature.

Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit has been paid.

A deposit of 20% of the full cost of your dog’s stay or if less than a days boarding then a deposit of £10 will be required to secure your booking. The remainder of the cost is to be paid on the start date of your dog’s booking.

Booking fees are non-refundable.

You agree to provide full and detailed information in the booking form about your dog’s as well as your contact details.

All dogs must be up to date and vaccinated against Parvovirus, Hepatitis, leptospirosis, Kennel Cough and Distemper. Your dog’s vaccination records must be provided at the time of booking/ meeting so we can retain a copy for our records. Dogs that are not up to date with vaccinations cannot be boarded.

You must keep up to date with flea and worming treatments and the dates of your dogs last treatment must be given to prevent infestation of our home and other dogs.

All dogs must be micro-chipped and microchip number should be provided.

In the event of an emergency we reserve the right to cancel a booking and refund deposit.

Please read:

We will not accept dogs that show aggression towards other dogs and/or people. Or dogs subject to terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

This is our home so all dogs must be completely house trained.

1. We do not accept dogs that are not toilet trained.

2. Dogs that are barkers or that can’t be quietened with basic commands.

3. Dog’s that cause destructive behaviour with chewing etc.

If your dog causes damage to our home, you agree to reimburse the cost incurred in the event.

All owners must be completely honest when telling us about their dog’s behaviour, failure to do so can result in early termination to your dog’s stay with us. You will be responsible for collecting your dog or finding alternative care. No refund will be provided.

You should supply enough food for the duration of your dog’s stay. If they do run out you agree to reimburse the cost of purchasing more food.

If you decide to collect your dog before the confirmed end date of their stay you will not receive a refund for the remainder of the days.

We use all our care and attention to ensure the happiness, safety and welfare of your dog. If however your dog becomes unwell or has an accident we will take them to their own veterinary surgery (details must be provided on booking form). If this is not possible we will take them to an alternative veterinary surgery. You agree to be responsible for the payment incurred, either by payment direct to the veterinary surgery over the phone or to handy pet services upon your return.

We love for your dogs to be able to run freely in a secure area on a walk so they can explore all the different smells and get plenty of exercise. If you would like your dog to be exercised off the lead when it is safe to do so, you must give consent on your records form.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we use personal information we collect from you during the course of our business with you.

Your information

1  We collect personal information about you when you start to use our day care or boarding services.

2  This information will include,  your name, your address, your mobile and home telephone numbers, your email address, your dog’s details and your vet’s details

3  We use this information to conduct business with you, for paper record keeping and for the purposes of our licence.

4  Your information is stored for the length of time we consider you an active client, and for a period of 7 years following the termination of business between us.  This period is determined by HMRC who request that business records are retained for this period.

5. All information is kept accurate, complete and up to date.

6. All information is stored securely and the only ones who have access is the owner of Handy Pet Services and an inspecting officer from Canterbury City Council.

7.We like to take pictures of your dogs whilst in our care and post on our Facebook page or website. We do not post any personal information. Please let us know if you would prefer us not to take pictures of your dog, or publish them on our Facebook page or website.